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Liar’s Harvest

Abe put an end to the threat of the Devourer once and for all. 

So why does the world keep getting more dangerous?

Unsettling events pile up one after another: animal corpses appear on the front porch each night, an abandoned graveyard in the North Carolina woods is now home to something unnatural, and wooden men with eerily familiar faces are spotted lurking in the nearby town of Halfway.

Abe finds himself caught in a game set in motion long before the rise of mankind.  A game in which even the Devourer was merely a pawn and where losing means the death of every man, woman, and child on earth.

Standing with him are the survivors of Belmont: Anne, Chuck, Leon, and his old squadmate, Henry “The Professor” Monroe.  Together they intend to hold the line against the encroaching darkness and prove that there are still things in the light to be feared.

“Langlois’ vivid imagination, extreme character building, and fast-paced prose will keep readers glued to the pages as the story unfolds, and I absolutely can’t wait for more!”

A Book Vacation Review

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