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Maybe I’m a Pomeranian, too

Kuzi weighs four pounds, and likes to sleep perched gently on the back of the couch:

Aw, how cute.


Cher does not weigh four pounds.  However, watching Kuzi sleep up there day after day has convinced her that this must be the best napping spot in the house:


Turns out it’s vastly overrated.




Lost My Amateur Status

Behold!  Bad Radio’s first royalty statement!

It’s a book milestone that every author honors with the solemn dignity that the occasion deserves.

For example, after bringing the mail inside, I proceeded to celebrate via interpretive dance.  As is proper.  It must have been too emotionally powerful for the wife, however, because she made me swear never to do it again.  Ever.

So, due to the unfair restrictions against fine arts in my house, I’ll have to say this the old-fashioned way:  My heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped make this launch such a success.  I deeply appreciate it.