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It’s a beautiful day here, hope the same is true where you are.


Tiny Foods

So tiny. So very, very tiny.

Tiny foods are a peculiar kind of Japanese toy, in which a small cardboard box contains a bewildering array of foil packets and plastic trays.  If you do it right, you end up with tiny edible replicas that look and taste like the real thing.  My daughter introduced me to tiny foods via the YouTube videos of RRCherryPie, a tiny foods afficianado:

She was fascinated by the process, and I think, the quiet, meditative quality of the videos.  So, because I love my daughter very much, and also because the things are a kind of candy, I bought some for us to try out.

Truth to tell, the assembly process is a lot of fun, and the candy is tasty, if a little plasticky.  We’re doing the sushi one next, because of the clever salmon roe making thing seen here:

Should be fun.  Also, I’m a sucker for anything sweet I can cram into my face.  If you’re interested in something fun and sugary that you can claim is for your kids, you can find them here.

UPDATE: Tiny Foods Sushi!

All gummi, even the rice!

And the ‘soy sauce’ is cola flavored!

One other cool thing, the salmon roe are actually still liquid in the center.  You drop the candy liquid into a gelatin catalyst, so that only a skin of gummi candy is formed around the drop.  That way, when you bite into it,the ‘roe’ actually burst like the real thing.  So very clever.





Death of an Overlord

Our year-and-a-half long Descent campaign, Sea of Blood, is finally over.  And I lost.

<a moment of silence please>

In the end, reckless vandalism and pointy sticks were able to overcome wily persistance and peerless charm.  Here’s a pic of the ‘heroes’ attacking a helpless evil monarch:

Can’t an evil overlord just spend a quiet evening in his dank pit? Sheesh.

Despite being crushed into overlord jelly, the campaign was a blast to play.  Thanks to Erik and Cory for spending about a million monster-filled hours with me.

Since we’re moving on to Descent 2.0 when it launches soon(tm), this is probably the last time that this set will be played:

Just glorious!

Farewell old friend.  You were magnificent.




These are totally better than the sour cream and onion flavor.  Just so you know, the next time you’re buying some delicious snacking crickets.