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August 1, 2008

Pre-Weekend Prep

by Michael Langlois

Here’s where I get to throw some random cool thing at you for the weekend ahead.  I heard somewhere that we, as a people, have a congnitive surplus.  This should help with that.

Descent: Journeys in the Dark

Yeah, it's a big box.

Yeah, it's a big box.

This is a tabletop game where you create a dank dangerous dungeon, throw in your friends, and kill them.  One player is the Overlord, Master of All That is Bad and the other players (up to 4) are the Heroes that will attempt to defeat you by killing your precious monsters and taking all your best treasure.

It’s great fun, and comes complete with character cards, tons of counters, and a big double handful of detailed plastic monsters.  There are several expansions which add new scenarios, heroes, and creatures, as well as a game altering one called Road to Legend, which turns the whole thing into a heroic campaign of epic proportions(tm).  RtL really rocks, as it adds evil plots for the Overlord to work towards, as well as overland encounters, city sieges, massive power upgrades for heroes, and a final showdown against the Overlord himself.  Swanky.

There are even tons of extra scenarios you can get for free, right here.

Get to work, those monsters aren’t going to kill themselves.

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