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August 5, 2008

Your Life 2.0

by Michael Langlois

Your life is complicated.  It’s made up of a zillion separate moving parts, like money, time, and work, and in each one, somebody is doing a better job than you getting it done.  And they know it.

Fortunately, this being the age of sharing and showing off, they’re willing to clue you in.  These are some of the big guns in the world of ‘doing it right’.

Lifehacker – The granddaddy of all ‘get your life in order’ blogs.  I could stop here, but that would be a pretty short list, wouldn’t it?

Wise Bread – Live frugally, and in style.  Proof that you don’t have to live under the interstate in a cardboard box to save money.

Mother Earth News – “The Original Guide to Living Wisely”

David Allen – The ultimate time management guru, author of Getting Things Done.  Go GTD and never go back.

The Four Hour Workweek – Lifestyle Design, by which Tim means poking at convention to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

TreeHugger – If you’re inclined to go green, Treehugger will tell you how.  Duh, the site is called Treehugger.

Real Travel – Advice about travel from actual people on specific locations.  Don’t rely on the guy selling you a vaction package to tell you the pitfalls.

Pandora – Yes, the bands that you grew up with are awesome.  But maybe it’s time to find some new music.

Instructables – Make stuff! Speaking of making stuff, this is the best knot tying thing ever.

Go forth and improve.  Now!

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