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August 14, 2008

This Is Not Who We Are

by Michael Langlois

I wish this story of a man who was detained in the US until he died painfully from cancer while separated from his family, was unique.  I wish it was a tale from some villainous dictatorship overseas, or the actions of a regrettably insane person with no connection to any public authority.

But it’s not.  As an American, I don’t know how to express my anger and my shame at these events.  I don’t know how to prepare for the next one to be revealed, which I know is underway even as I type this.  But I do know that public pressure can influence the people responsible where decency and respect for basic human rights will not.

Tell your local government.

Tell the federal government.

Tell your next president, whether Obama or McCain.

This is not who we are.

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