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January 14, 2009

I Swear This Is Not A Political Blog

by Michael Langlois
Wait, we live where?

Wait, we live where?

This isn’t a political blog, but damn it, sometimes things get so unreal out there that I feel the need to point it out, just in case it’s me that’s crazy instead of the world.  Today I have two unrelated news items that separately give me the willies.  Together they’re downright surreal.

Item One: Unreasonable search and seizure laws permit checkpoints on the border that would be illegal anywhere else in the US.  That sounds okay, until you realize that the border definition here has a width of 100 miles, which happens to cover two-thirds of the entire US population.

Item Two: Yesterday the Supreme Court said that evidence obtained through illegal searches is okey-dokie to be used in your trial.

Hell, why not just chuck the whole 4th Amendment?  There’s really nothing left of it now but the box it came in anyway.

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