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August 18, 2011

The Last Adopter

by Michael Langlois

I am not an early adopter.

I got my first DVD player so late that when I finally announced to my friends that I had one, I received a round of sarcastic golf-claps.  My first iPod was actually an iPhone.  And all my books are paper.

But today, I got on the trolley only slightly behind everyone else.  Behold, a Kindle!

Yes, yes...we've ALL seen those already

“But Mike,” I imagine you saying. “Why change your cheap, miserly ways now?  Don’t you usually wait until they’re giving whatever it is away in cereal boxes?”

Because I’m a picky bastard, that’s why.  I got my book back from being formatted (by the amazing crew at, and it turns out that ebook formatting can display a little differently on software readers than on an actual ebook.

So, the official story is that I wanted to make sure everything looked right for both software and hardware e-readers.

Unofficially…WHEEEE! A Kindle!

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