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September 12, 2011

Do It for Number Ten Ox

by Michael Langlois


You’re as book-lovin’ a bunch as I’ve ever seen, so I’m sure that you’ve already come across Subterranean Press’s announcement today.  If you’ve never read about Master Li and Number Ten Ox, and I don’t know that you need to admit such a thing in public, I just want to say how incredibly, agonizingly jealous I am of you.

Do yourself a favor and buy this collection right now before they’re all gone.  I have multiple copies of the original books in my house, plus a signed collection that I gave to my wife as a present, and I’m still barely resisting the urge to get this one.

Forget about that time I told you bees were delicious, and that other time that I swore my cat had a sense of humor about her tail.  I’ll admit it, those were mean, hilarious lies that I told for my own benefit.

This time, it’s all for you.




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