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November 14, 2011


Walker: Sneak Peak

by Michael Langlois

“Yeah, the cover looks cool, but what the hell is it about?”

This is, of course, the number one question I get on on Walker.  As part of the countdown to release, here’s a sneak peak at the final blurb copy:

Twenty-four hours ago Daniel Thorsen discovered that he had the power to walk between worlds. 

Twelve hours ago he was contacted by others with the same gift.

Tomorrow he will be running for his life.

What do you say when offered a lifelong position in the most powerful and corrupt secret organization in mankind’s history?

If you want your life to last longer than the job interview, you say yes.

In exchange for wealth, power, and training for his newly discovered powers, all Daniel has to do is help them reach a new, unsuspecting world.

To make things worse, a group of desperate escapees pin their thin hopes on him, willing to risk everything on a miracle that Daniel has no idea how to provide.

Shackled with a restraint bracelet, constant surveillance, and superhuman captors, he must outsmart an overwhelmingly powerful enemy and seek freedom in the one place that is left to him, a new world that only he can reach.

So, there you go.  See you on release day!

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  1. Nov 14 2011

    Sounds good! Let me know if you want it reviewed. 🙂

    • Michael Langlois
      Nov 14 2011

      Absolutely! I’ll drop you a line when I get the final Kindle/ePub bundles.

  2. Nov 17 2011

    Great jacket copy! One small typo (just in case there’s still time to fix it): “reach an new” => “reach a new”.

    Looking forward to its release!

    • Michael Langlois
      Nov 17 2011

      Great eye, Mike. Thanks!


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