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February 12, 2012

Gaming Weekend: All Hail Cthulhu!

by Michael Langlois

Got in lots of Lovecraftian gaming this weekend:

Elder Sign


Mansions of Madness

Both were huge fun, with Elder Sign being the quicker, more lightweight game, and Mansions being the large, total tabletop experience.  In both cases, a team of investigators are attempting to stop an Elder God from devouring everyone, but with Elder Sign, all the players are working together against the board.

In Mansions, one player (the most handsome and clever one) is the Keeper, and is actively trying to stop the other players (nosy busybodies), who are the investigators trying to save the world.  For some reason.

Here’s a shot of the brave gibbering horrors trying to stand up to the homewrecking jerks:

Can't we just hug and accept that we're different?

All in all, it was fantastic day of trying to end the world.

My only regret is that my ‘friends’ Cory and Erik managed to stop me.  THIS TIME.

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