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February 21, 2012

The Joy of Tiny Plastic Fribbits

by Michael Langlois

As you may have noticed, I like to gather my “friends” for the occasional table top game.  And while I mostly play the games the way they come right out of the box, I’m afraid that a combination of peer pressure and marketing has collapsed my usual aversion to buying extra bits and pieces.

I know, *gasp*.

First of all, my Super Dungeon Explore minis are nearly complete, thanks to Jason, my favorite painter of tiny things.  He painted about a million of these:

I may be tiny, but I can still set you on fire.

So, I decided to protect all his hard work with this:

Battle Foam!

It’s basically a kit that contains several inserts to hold all of the game pieces and minis, and the whole thing fits into the original box.  Super clever.

Then tragedy struck, and before I knew it, I had watched this video while my willpower was still at a low ebb:

Once the video ended, I noticed that there was nobody around to slap the mouse out of my hand, so I went here and ordered these for Arkham Horror:

Seriously, what was I supposed to do?  THEY HAVE TENTACLES.  Like anyone could resist that.  Christ, they might as well be constructed entirely out of supermodels and salty caramel.  I also bought a bag of tiny magnifying glass tokens that I can use for all my various AH themed games.  Which are numerous and in desperate need of more tiny plastic bits.

So anyway, now I’m happy.  I got everything that the internet told me to buy, and just in time, since now my wife is home and watching me suspiciously, ready to tackle me if it looks like I’m about to click on any online game stores.

All I can say is too late, baby.  Too late.

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