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April 24, 2012

Ze Frank is My Captain

by Michael Langlois

Click to watch a quick episode of The Show. Seriously. Click it. I'll wait.

There are people around you every day, people that you know and have lunch with and sometimes kiss, that know who Ze Frank is, even if you don’t.  These are the people that will light up at the mention of Earth Sandwiches or Sports Racers and who may, without promting, show you their Power Moves.  These are weird, special people, and you should cherish them.  And if you are one, then pretend that I’m winking at you and making a pistol shape with my fingers.  Because I am.

The Show ran for a year, every weekday no matter what, between 2006 and 2007.  Each episode was short, frentic, and packed with about 20 percent more cleverness than there was actually time for.  They were alternately inspiring and hilarious, moving and irreverent, silly and all too real.  If you watch The Show and don’t come away feeling giddy, then I guess I still love you, and would recommend that you keep watching them until you do.

The faithful know that earlier this year, Ze Frank used Kickstarter to start the whole thing up again, only better.  And because people are awesome and the universe is a generally cool place, it was funded at about 3x the asking price.  The result?

This is one of the most sincere and affecting things on the internet, and I’m glad it’s back.  If you haven’t watched Ze Frank before, do it now.  And I envy you.

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