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June 14, 2012


Death of an Overlord

by Michael Langlois

Our year-and-a-half long Descent campaign, Sea of Blood, is finally over.  And I lost.

<a moment of silence please>

In the end, reckless vandalism and pointy sticks were able to overcome wily persistance and peerless charm.  Here’s a pic of the ‘heroes’ attacking a helpless evil monarch:

Can’t an evil overlord just spend a quiet evening in his dank pit? Sheesh.

Despite being crushed into overlord jelly, the campaign was a blast to play.  Thanks to Erik and Cory for spending about a million monster-filled hours with me.

Since we’re moving on to Descent 2.0 when it launches soon(tm), this is probably the last time that this set will be played:

Just glorious!

Farewell old friend.  You were magnificent.

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  1. Cory Whiteland
    Jun 15 2012

    I would characterize the vandalism as precise and targeted, rather than reckless. Thanks for hosting all of those millions of hours!


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