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December 30, 2012


Mojo Joins the Family

by Michael Langlois
Why yes, I *am* suave.

Why, yes, I am suave.

Meet Mojo (or as the wife insists, MeauxJeaux).  He’s an eight month old pit-mix from the Jan Reese SPCA shelter in North Texas.  We’re not sure what he’s mixed with, but from the size of his paws, I’m thinking mastodon or draft horse.

Cher’s glad to have someone to run around like a maniac with, which is nice.  They spent a solid twenty minutes roaring around the back yard in circles, which I’m sure will turn into some kind of furniture demolishing obstacle race before too much longer.

He seems glad to be with us, and to have a home.   We couldn’t be more delighted.

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  1. Dec 31 2012

    Yay!!! Thank you for saving two lives!! Meaux Jeaux’s and the homeless puppy who took his place!! And I love the spelling as I know it’s a Louisiana thing!! High five for a South Louisiana spelling 🙂

    • Michael Langlois
      Dec 31 2012

      Every furry family member in the house is a rescue of one kind or another (including me if you ask my wife). And almost all from Louisiana! BB the Most Confident Rabbit in the World is actually from a roadside carnival outside of of St. Francisville 🙂

      • Jan 1 2013

        Yay!!! I’m from Abbeville, LA so this southern girl says you’re my new hero!! And tell your wife she rescued a good one!!

      • Michael Langlois
        Jan 1 2013

        You know I will 🙂

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