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January 30, 2013


David Tennant Teaches Cellular Biology

by Michael Langlois

I was doing some research this morning and I came across this amazing episode of Secret Universe.  David Tennant, who has done many things but who will always be Dr. Who to me, narrates.

I learned two things this morning: one, cellular biology is much more interesting with fancy CGI, and two, I never want to learn anything again that isn’t taught by The Doctor.

The show is about an hour, but it’s a completely fascinating hour.  I totally recommend taking the time.

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  1. Erin
    Jan 30 2013

    Well bummer, the video was taken down. Sounds interesting though, especially since it’s narrated by the freakin’ ten Doctor. Come to think of it, Tennant could read from a phone book and I’d still listen.

  2. Timothy
    Jan 30 2013

    the video was there just now

  3. Michael Langlois
    Jan 30 2013

    Hmm, still there for me. Maybe try to click through to YouTube?

  4. Jan 30 2013

    Very, very cool. I wish I’d seen this video in school. Lol – you’re right, it is so much more interesting with CGI and The Doctor teaching. 🙂


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