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April 19, 2013

Word Nerds Unite – Spellirium

by Michael Langlois

Except for that one time in kindergarten when I told you that caterpillars were nature’s candy, have I ever steered you wrong?  And last year, didn’t I drive you to that caterpillar rehab clinic on a Saturday instead of going to the movies like I wanted?  Well, here’s your chance to finally pay me back.

Step One: Go here.

Step Two: Buy a copy of this game.

Step Three: Bask in the warm glow that you get when doing stuff you saw on the Internet and not having the cops show up.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, I really want to play the finished version of this thing.  Adventure?  Check.  Word-based gameplay?  Check.  Sheep-shearing? Double-check.  And when I found out that HOW you spell words is one of the puzzle elements?  Well, let’s just say that I would rather have this game than a kilo of the finest Monarch caterpillars that money can buy.

It’s going to be finished no matter how many people pre-order, but the more that do, the faster I can get my hands on it.  On the off chance that helping me with my crippling patience deficiency isn’t motivation enough, take a look at this video.  That should do the trick.

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