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June 12, 2013

Food Thing:Bottled Coffee

by Michael Langlois
The British have tea and biscuits.  I have coffee and cupcakes.  That makes me the winner.

The British have tea and biscuits. I have coffee and cupcakes. That makes me the winner.

I’ve admitted this before, but I don’t really know from coffee. I like it, yes, but not in some educated, connoisseur-esque way.  I’m more like a barn owl that likes mice. I know a good mouse when I cram one in my beak, but I’m not exactly going to be able to wax poetic about oakey notes or hints of cricket or whatever.

I’m just coffee-aware enough to drink it black and register a preference for French press over coffee served from a scorched pot with an orange plastic band around the top, and that’s not saying a whole lot.  But, because I’m all about the self-improvement, especially when combined with eating something fancy, I decided to give this bottled black magic a whirl.

And by self-improvement, I mean peer pressure.   Everyone else uses Twitter to be informed about what their peeps are up to.  Apparently I use it in order to find out what bad habits I should pick up.  That’s why the button is called follow, right?   Anyway, from the Twitters:

@dolohov@lacolombecoffee Had some last week. Best iced bottled coffee ever. Maybe even outside the bottle category.

I’m just glad Chuck wasn’t advocating eating roofing nails or Drano, you know what I’m saying?  It’s a hell of a lot harder to type these blog posts from the ER.

Long story short (too late), I done got me some.  There’s marketing stuff and technical coffee stuff that you can read about here, but since I’m not qualified to tell one from the other, I’ll just say that their big claim about not being bitter is spot on.  It has all the richness and depth of flavor that you want from really good coffee, but none of the battery acid kicker on the back-end that you learn to put up with when drinking lesser brews.

It’s pretty much the perfect coffee to use if you want to trick your friends into giving up sugar and cream and marscapone-apple-caramel or whatever people  are putting into their coffee these days.  Tell them black coffee is delicious and not bitter at all, then give them a cup of this.  Hilarity will ensue next time you see them, faces puckered up and clenching a mug of the regular stuff.

Is it weird that I like a food more if it can be used to enrage my friends?  Of course not.  Have some coffee.

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