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October 2, 2011


Bad Radio in Print

by Michael Langlois

There’s much rejoicing in the Langlois compound today.  Bad Radio is, at long last, available in print.



Behind the scenes, it turned out to be no small feat to wind up with one book in two editions.  The paper version was actually available weeks ago, but because of the way the two editions were labeled in the system, they were separate entities, with the paper version being very difficult to find without a pretty explicit search.

It’s all good now, and many thanks to the folks representing electrons and paper at Amazon who helped get this squared away.





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  1. Oct 2 2011

    Very cool! Congrats!

    Will you be selling signed copies? I’d love to get one.

  2. Michael Langlois
    Oct 3 2011

    Thanks, Mike. I’m not sure about signed copies yet, but if I do offer them I’ll let you know!


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