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October 10, 2011


Sneak Peek: Walker Cover Art

by Michael Langlois
Take a look at what Vinny sent me:

Click for full size!


Just fantastic.  Amazing.

Walker is scheduled to be released in just over a month, so things are pretty hectic right now.  Art, editing, and formatting are all in various stages of completion, so there’s a lot of juggling going on to make sure that everything comes together at the same time.

That said, of all the moving parts, getting the final cover art is a huge milestone, and one that I wanted to share.

A couple of notes about how Vinny works:  He asks for detailed information about the book, covering both plot information and detailed descriptions of any relevant scenes, characters, or items.  This can amount to a hefty amount of information, including a full synopsis and lots of excerpts from the book.  He then asks me for any ideas that I might have for the cover.

Once he has all the information, he then turns around and sends me a sketch for something about a million times cooler than the stuff I suggested.  At which point I say, “Why yes, let’s use THAT, shall we?”

It’s one thing to be an accomplished and recognized graphic artist, but it’s another thing entirely to be skilled and experienced specifically in the creation of novel covers, which is very much its own discipline.

So, along with sharing this preview today, I wanted to say thanks.

Cheers, Vinny.  You rock.
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3 Comments Post a comment
  1. Anonymous
    Oct 10 2011

    Love it!

  2. Siouxsie
    Oct 12 2011

    It’s even better than I expected. Vincent Cheong really is great at what he does! (and it doesn’t hurt that the book RAWKS!) 😉

    O bias, or anything…

  3. Siouxsie
    Oct 12 2011

    Aaaand I spelled his name wrong. Sorry, Vinny! It’s Vincent CHONG. I’ll do better the next time, I promise.


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