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January 23, 2012


Bacon Caramel is Love

by Michael Langlois

I know what you’re thinking.  “Mike, enough about writing already.  WHAT ARE YOU PUTTING IN YOUR FACE RIGHT NOW?”

It’s a fair question.  The answer is this:

These little gems are physically about the same dimensions as a ‘fun-size’ candy bar, but taste-wise are about the size of a 1973 Buick Regal.  Four words for you: pecan, nougat, caramel, bacon.  Yeah.  Oh, and the one on the right?  Swap out the bacon and replace with bourbon.  I know, right?

And, of course, the whole thing is smothered in the finest Ecuadorian dark chocolate.

So tasty.  So hard to hide from the spouse and children.  So impossible to explain to your doctor.

Seriously, if you have any love for caramel in your heart, get some of these.

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  1. Jan 23 2012

    Okay, so as a vegetarian I’m not particularly tempted by the bacon one, but pecan, nougat, caramel, and BOURBON sounds heavenly. Yum.

    • Michael Langlois
      Jan 23 2012

      That’s the one I just ate! It was the last one, and now I have sad mouth. FYI, the wrapper has no flavor AT ALL.


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