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August 8, 2012


My Future Wallet will be Slim

by Michael Langlois

A friend of mine is a minimalist.  When we travel together, I lug one of those rolling suitcases, and he slings a messenger bag over his shoulder.  I carry a (beautiful, hand-stitched) laptop bag.  He carries his iPad.

So here I am, hauling an order of magnitude more stuff, and he’s getting along with the same amount of functionality, and what’s more, having a much easier time of it.

Since we started hanging out together, I’ve gotten better about ditching the extra load, but there’s one thing that has so far remained stuck in my old ‘must carry everything’ past.  My wallet.

It’s one of those leather tri-fold abominations, filled with my own personal landfill full of crap.  But no more.

This friend of mine is going to change that for me.  With this:


Check out his Kickstarter for the full story.  Slim has hit 400% of its funding goal in three days, which is pretty damn impressive.  Looks like I’m not the only one who needed a little help.


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  1. Cory Whiteland
    Aug 8 2012

    You got the neon pink, right?

    • Michael Langlois
      Aug 9 2012

      Only enough to stitch together a pair of pants. AND NOT A SINGLE ONE MORE.


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