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August 9, 2012



by Michael Langlois

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Speaking of delightful Kickstarters, this arrived in the mail today.  Well, to be completely honest, this arrived inside a box that contained more boxes.  Which was necessary, because of all this:

Yeah. That’s a lot of zombies.

And this picture doesn’t even show all the bits.  I had to leave the map tiles and tokens out of the shot, or I would have had to have taken this from space.  True story.

Zombicide is a co-op game, where you and several other survivors attempt to take down a zombie hoard, culminating in a showdown with the horrifying Abomination, who looks like the bigger, angrier, spikier version of the Tank from Left4Dead.  And the best part is that the more zombies you kill, the more badass your character becomes.  Which is awesome, except that powering up also brings in more zombies.   It should make for one hell of an entertaining mess.

Rules are here if you want to check them out, and the official site is here.



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